Secured power adapter and charger for Apple products

Satisfaction standards

All Kensington power adapters and chargers designed for iPod, iPhone or iPad are MFi approved and certified. These chargers have passed the necessary certification process that is needed before products are capable to proudly display the approved Apple MFi badge.

More than 60 million items of adapters are made of our 2 factories in Dongguan annually. I’m not quite sure where this question belongs, as it’s about most Apple adapters and chargers, not only iPad, so, I’m hoping this is correct and I’m not breaking any rules.

power adapters for japan
power adapters for japan

Kensington upholds its stringent in-house testing, and safety approval standards and Kensington power adapters and chargers are designed, tested, and certified to conform to Kensington’s rigorous safety, reliability, and satisfaction standards.

And are further exposed to independent laboratory tests to adhere to government safety standards around the world. You can be positive that Kensington power adapters and chargers feel safe and compatible with Apple MFi requirements.

Productive performance

We manufactured in-house for some in the core components including transformer, cable, heat sink and plastic housing in make an effort to ensure short delivery serious amounts of the best quality.

Products are trusted in the industries of home appliance, saw, personal care, floor care, and home theater by branded customers worldwide. The charger that came with my refurbished iPad is a rectangular shape that fits in the slot on the bottom with the iPad.

When I try to connect this cable via USB to my iMac, it shows grayed out but does nothing. Kensington’s products empower website visitors to dynamically talk with content, creating better working experience for productive performance.

Sun strong International includes a team of well-experienced engineers on charger design. Our charger products mainly utilized on DIY equipment, kitchen appliances and some other applications.

The part to work

I also possess a power adapter (my second one; one of the prongs came out from the first and stuck in the outlet within a day or two of purchase) therefore the way I’ve been charging the iPad is via both of these pieces using direct power (IOW, plugged into the wall outlet).

Yesterday, this method eradicated. I tried an alternative outlet thinking that could be the problem. Didn’t work. Meanwhile, the iPad is draining, right down to 17% without strategy to recharge until my newly ordered parts arrive.

power adapters for israel
power adapters for israel

I have been a loyal Apple/Mac user since the beginning, so, I don’t know if this happens with PCs and not to worry. I’m not considering some complicated work-around, assuming, there’s one.

I don’t want to have trundle forwards and backwards to the Apple Store, either fighting for the refund or getting a replacement. I just want the part to work.

It’s only my fourth one

Regularly, for the long period of your time, or is that too much must? Today the rectangular charge described above fell apart in my hand, wires just fell out.

Products range from 10W as much as 200W. It could charge single, and also include multiple power supply chargers. I guess what I’m asking is when these failures are normal, if they’re, why isn’t there a storm of outrage?

I can’t believe it’s only me. In addition, we do have wide array of power adapter and charger products on ODM. Today, I tried using my MacBook Pro to charge via USB, at which point the rectangular charge described above fell apart within my hand, wires just fell out.

Not only that, the energy adapter around the laptop no longer works. What a surprise. It’s only my fourth one. I’ve never had one further longer than 3 months max.

Exactly how sometimes it needs replacing

Our Group is dedicated to produce a “low-carbon society” by designing eco-friendly power products which adhere to energy-saving requirement across all regions. Purchased in over 100 countries across the globe.

Am I the only person that finds it is usual for Apple’s charging and powering accessories to fail within a few months? First, internet connected computers power adapter fails (all four ones), then this iPad power adapter, and after this the iPad charger.

At first, for $19, it wasn’t worth creating a fuss about. I was more considering getting the part replaced, so, I might get back on track. Now, several $19 items later, I’m just getting angry. It doesn’t seem like much, simply a quick nineteen bucks, until it starts adding up.

I am extremely careful with these fragile items of crap. I’m thinking maybe Apple has nice little scam going. Kind of like ink jet printers. The printers seem cheap till you realize the amount the ink costs and exactly how sometimes it needs replacing.