My story while viewing the new type of Apple phone

Apple is about to release three new iPhones with a variety of the latest features, consistent with a serious new leak. But a replacement video shows off some key differences between the iPhone 11 and its predecessors.

The three new flagship handsets will feature upgraded hardware but be largely along an equivalent lines of the prevailing line-up, consistent with a replacement report in 9 to 5 mac.

apple new phone launch date
apple new phone launch date

If you think the rumors and most up-to-date reports, the iPhone 11 will replace the iPhone XR and have an equivalent size 6.1-inch screen.

And the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro and 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro also will be an equivalent size as their predecessors. Apple will bring out new iPhones which will replace the three flagship phones it currently sells, consistent with the report.

A phone referred to as D42 will replace the iPhone XS, one referred to as D43 will replace the iPhone XS Max, and one called N104 will are available the place of the iPhone XR.

The large difference, a minimum of on the 2 higher-end iPhone 11 units, is that they’re going to reportedly feature a square camera module on the rear that houses three lenses.

And one among those lenses is going to be reportedly been ready to shoot ultra-wide angle photos. In fact, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max should be smart enough to require photos using all three of their lenses directly, consistent with Bloomberg.

Last year was the primary time Apple released its iPhones during this line-up with an outsized and little version of the premium model then a less expensive medium-sized version.

That same set-up looks set to be in situ this year, consistent with the leak. The bad news is that this black area stands proud sort of sore thumb, the great news is that it should be color matched with the remainder of the rear by the time the ultimate design is prepared.

Perhaps the foremost notable feature of the new phone is what won’t change. The new phones are said to feature a Lightning port just like the existing phones.

Instead of swapping to the USB-C that arrived at the iPad Pro last year and has long been rumored to be coming to exterminate the Lightning port as a charger.

One nice touch is the camera module appears to be rimmed within the same gold colored chrome steel that frolic the sides of the phone.

All three of the phones also will feature similar displays, with an equivalent resolution as they need today.

apple new phone launch
apple new phone launch

The leak chimes with previous reports that the most important change on the surface of the phone are going to be the large camera bump on the rear.

Which will be an outsized block of lenses which will feature three cameras arranged into a square shape. Due to the unique design of the camera, your old cases aren’t getting to work.

The third lens — a primary for the iPhone — will include a replacement lens which will be ready to take wide-angle photos, the report suggested.

Also, as letting people take wider photos, which will leave a replacement feature called, “Smart Frame” which can capture data outside a standard photo in order that users can change the framing of it by using that same data.

But, there won’t be the maximum amount of a requirement for a case this point around. Bloomberg’s report from last week also says that the iPhone 11 will have a more shatter-resistant design which the water-resistance are going to be improved.

They’re going also to exterminate one major feature, referred to a as 3D Touch, which allowed people to press their phone screen harder and obtain new menu options.

Other key features reportedly coming to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro include a way faster A13 processor and a replacement multi-angle Face ID sensor that promises better performance.

The iPhone 11 Pro models can also offer support for the Apple Pencil and far more advanced video capabilities. That was introduced on the iPhone 6s but never came to the iPad’s or the iPhone XR, and therefore.

The new phones also will drop it — making way for similar tools which will be enabled by software, the report claimed. As BGR points out, this design might not be the ultimate look.

For instance, the mute switch could also be rounded just like the iPad Pro. The one has shown here is the same switch found on earlier iPhones.